Crew or V-neck? Find the Perfect Big & Tall T-shirt for You.

It’s T-Shirt Time! We love a high quality t-shirt as much as the next big and tall man.

Without fail, once the sun starts to peek its beautiful balmy face from behind the clouds, men across Canada run to their nearest George Richards store. But when confronted with both v-neck and crew neck options, they’re stumped.

We’ve got you covered fellas! We’ll answer questions like “Are v-neck t-shirts still trendy?” and “Does wearing a basic tee make me basic?” in this article.

Origin stories: Whose idea was it anyway?

The modern t-shirt as we know it started as a military-issued undergarment in WWII. That’s right - it’s underwear.

Worn under their uniform, this base layer absorbed sweat and body odour. Plus when working, it gave soldiers the ability to simply take off their heavy layers and work in a cool t-shirt.

The name “t-shirt” comes from its simple boxy shape. Grab the nearest t-shirt and lay it on the floor - you’ll notice that it makes a chunky T.

When the soldiers finally returned home, the t-shirt became a part of normal everyday life.

Other military-inspired menswear include: peacoats, bomber jackets, khakis, desert boots, and parkas.

What also drove demand for t-shirts was their depictions on the big-screen, by the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Give Rebel without a Cause a watch. You’ll be compelled to wear a white tee, boots, and denim for the rest of the year.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”
- James Dean -

Modern Day: The (Neck)line in the Sand

When trying to determine which style of t-shirt is best for you, ask yourself a couple questions: Will I be wearing it on its own, or as an undergarment? Where will I be wearing it?

The Flying V

The v-neck tee is our favourite as a base layer under collared shirts, especially in warmer weather. If you’re going to a casual-tieless event and you leave the top 2 buttons undone, the v-neck won’t show. This maintains a clean look.

V-necks are also fantastic for activities. The lower neckline gives you extra-breathability. This is always nice when you’re carrying things across the yard or running a game of pick-up.

If you do plan on wearing a v-neck as a solo garment, the fit is critical. It will show off more skin and aggressively frame your natural lines, such as your chest and jaw.

At George Richards, we have a great assortment of v-necks for you to choose from, in a bunch of prints and colours. Pick your size, pick your favourites, and rock that v-neck all day long.

V-neck tees are often looked at as fashion forward. So if you’re the fashionable friend in the group, then this is the right shirt for you.

The Crew’s All Here

Crew necks are tried and true. The OG in the t-shirt game.

You know that this trusty sidekick will be there for any outfit, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of looking, well, plain. (read: boring)

An alternative is looking to a flashier, logo-print tee, which may or may not be your style.

There must be a balance?!

Indeed,there is. Find a great-fitting tee and build your outfits around it. Try a necklace, denim jacket, or cardigan. And make sure the rest of your outfit also fits well.

For the summer time, we pair retro band graphic tees with denim shorts. It gives the same vintage-inspired look we wear during the fall but with a summer twist.

Note: Much like a polo, a baggy fit means that you have the wrong size. Ideally, the length of your t-shirt shouldn’t be longer than your hips, and the sleeves should sit at about halfway down your arm. But we know everyone has their own preferences, so if you like long - you do you. Here’s our size guide to help you out.

The Big Decision

We’re lucky that modern styles come in various fits and materials. You can find one to match your exact physique and activity level. 

From natural linens and cottons, to flexible synthetic materials, there's a t-shirt out there for you. We love polyester-cotton blends for the summer - they’re soft and durable to last the entire season. Not to mention, the blended fabric helps maintain shape & colour, and reduces shrinkage.

But ultimately, it’s all about you! Your wardrobe should match your lifestyle and where your adventures will take you.

Here’s some fashion advice from Irish writer Oscar Wilde; 

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

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